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MedeTrac carries medical coding software from the AMA, Ingenix, and Unicor include the CPT, HCPCS and ICD-9-CM codes. Plus, these medical coding software products are updated quarterly so you are guaranteed to have the most current coding, billing and compliance information. Our medical coding software gives users fast search capabilities across all three code sets, plus Medicare and commercial coding, billing and payment and information. for Physicians for Physicians delivers a real-time code lookup and code book reference online, allowing clinicians, providers and HIM specialists to replace and supplement code books. Includes ICD-9-CM v1 and v2 codes mapped to ICD-10-CM codes using the GEM (General Equivalency Mappings) and proprietary Optum Map Selects. Also includes Optum Tabular (ICD-10-CM book) Content and Optum mapping logic.
Retail Price: $109.95
Medetrac Price: $86.95
 Add to cart EXPERT Expert provides online access to a powerful search application for all CPT®, HCPCS Level II, ICD-9-CM, and ICD-10-CM/PCS code sets, as well as Optum360 and Medicare coding guidelines to ensure coding accuracy, improve billing performance, and reduce rejected claims. Complimentary monthly updates let you code confidently throughout the year. Plus, a compliance editor powered by the Optum360 ClaimsManager helps you review your code selections, and a fee calculator computes the Medicare reimbursement rate for your region.
Retail Price: $999.95
Medetrac Price: $850.00 PROFESSIONAL Professional is an online, real-time code look-up application that delivers a higher degree of code detail and reference information on CPT®, HCPCS Level II, and both ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM/-PCS codes. Monthly automatic code updates throughout the year will help practices that bill Medicare Part B and private payers reduce rejected claims due to improper coding. The Professional version includes CCI edits as well as Medicare and commercial payment and coding information.
Retail Price: $549.95
Medetrac Price: $476.00 STANDARD, the coder’s essential CPT®, ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM/PCS, and HCPCS Level II online code look-up software.
Retail Price: $299.95
Medetrac Price: $255.00 for Payers-Professional for Payers provides online access to comprehensive code validation software for fast search capability. Designed specifically for payer organizations, users can search for CPT® procedures, HCPCS Level II supplies and services, and both ICD-9-CM diagnosis and procedures codes and ICD-10-CM and PCS based on descriptions on the provider and hospital claim forms
Retail Price: $1,495.95
Medetrac Price: $1,295.95
 Add to cart for Hospitals for Hospitals provides on-demand access to all the ICD–9-CM Volume 1 and ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes as well as ICD-9-CM Volume 3 and ICD-10-PCS procedure codesprovides on-demand access to all the Volume 1 diagnosis codes and Volume 3 procedure codes, informative color-coded and specificity edits and tables, and indexes specific to facilities so you code confidently throughout the year
Retail Price: $119.95
Medetrac Price: $101.95
 Add to cart uses a powerful search engine or index to give you direct access to every description, guideline, and instruction in the Expert book, including even the more obscure HCPCS codesFaster HCPCS code lookup and access to real-time updates all year!
Retail Price: $99.95
Medetrac Price: $84.95
 Add to cart, designed specifically for freestanding ASCs, brings together the billing, coding, and payment resources you need to achieve accurate reimbursement under the new Medicare ASC payment system.
Retail Price: $1,099.95
Medetrac Price: $989.00
 Add to cart Expert Expert delivers HIM coders the most up-to-date coding content, compliance documentation and optimization tips, no matter where they are located
Retail Price: $899.95
Medetrac Price: $799.95
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